A World full of Questions – My Garden of Dreams


Constantly I find myself asking questions. Wondering all the different possibilities. One day, I hope to find clarity. One day I will help. Hoping that I can offer life-clarity-advise to all who come after me; and the ones who have came before. I hope to learn so that I can shed light in to the mind of the darkened.

I am a thinker! A lover of thought.    You see, I say these things because I, am also a visionary.   Some may say I’m a ‘dreamer’. Although, I find world-changing thoughts as provoking as fire to cold steel. Crafting the world in to a harmony of dreams.

Writing.. Words are my passion! I live within these lines. Sleeping beneath a sky of letters. Aligning each word in to the sentence that will one day cascade my dreams in to being. And if for one second, you enter in to my world of bliss, I have already felt the first droplet in my garden of dreams.

I have never encountered a person who admires a different moon. A person who walks on different earth. Or someone who breathes in a different air. And if for one second you enter in to my world of bliss, it is my honor, to welcome you, in to “My Garden of Dreams”.